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Application screening, interviewing and assessment centre management

Identifying and assessing top talent

For a recruitment campaign to succeed, you need a simple and robust selection process that allows you to quickly identify high calibre candidates with the key competencies you’re looking for.

Jarred Consulting are experts at identifying and assessing top talent. We have extensive experience of designing and implementing recruitment models from scratch, and of analysing the success of recruitment and selection processes, in particular at large multinational businesses.

We start by understanding the positions which need to be filled, and conducting a detailed job analysis in order to define the tasks and strengths or skills required to complete those tasks and succeed in the role.

We then recommend the most effective ways to assess and select candidates and help you evaluate your process in order to monitor the effectiveness of the recruitment campaign.

We design our approach around your needs, working closely with you to ensure that our pre-selection process generates the right candidates for your roles.

Application screening

Fully trained in competency, motivation and strength based recruitment screening, our team has in-depth experience of pre-selecting a high volume of application forms for organisations across a diverse range of industries.

Criteria and scoring system

We work with you to develop a system that identifies the highest calibre applicants and ensures that the selection process is reliable and consistent.


Whether by telephone, video or in person, our team of associates is highly experienced at interviewing, whether for early talent schemes, graduate training programmes or for experienced hire candidates at all levels.

Assessment centre design and facilitation

We can work with you to design and deliver your assessment centres as well as assess candidates, according to your needs.

Fast response rate

Competition for high calibre candidates is intense and speed of response is crucial to securing the best people. At the start of our relationship with you, we will agree delivery deadlines and ensure that our benchmarking and standards are consistently aligned with yours.

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