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In every organisation there are skills, behaviours and personal qualities that are valued and which contribute to the successful delivery of goals and targets. Once developed, you can use your framework (whether it is a competency, strengths, behavioural or hybrid) as part of your recruitment process to ensure you hire the right people and as part of your performance management, promotion and development processes to develop the skills and behaviours that you want and need to see.

This not only helps you to retain the best people and succession plan more accurately but also means better control over costs, good for your bottom line.

How we work:

Start by Listening
We get to know your vision, values, culture, plans and ‘tone’ first as it is critical that any framework represents all of these things. Your people will have a hard time buying into the framework if it doesn’t ‘feel’ and ‘sound’ like their organisation.
We then listen some more, to colleagues at all levels; what skills, behaviours and qualities are important to doing an excellent job in the ‘right way’.

Design and development of the framework
We keep it simple, accessible and inclusive; focusing on the skills and behaviours that matter most to you and your people, and we use your language.

A successful launch
We strongly believe that it’s your framework, not ours. We support you behind the scenes to bring your framework to life, whether that is through sharing ideas and experience or drafting materials in the background.

We support you to embed the framework through its various uses, whether that is recruitment, development or performance management, by equipping your managers and people teams with practical ideas and tools to regularly reinforce them and bring them to life.

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